dynwrap :: Creating a trajectory

Methods to create a trajectory


Create a trajectory given its branch network and the pseudotime of the cells on one of the branches


Constructs a trajectory using a graph between cells, by mapping cells onto a set of backbone cells.


Constructs a trajectory using a cell grouping and a network between groups. Will use an existing grouping if it is present in the dataset.


Constructs a circular trajectory using the pseudotime values of each cell.


Constructs a trajectory by projecting cells within a dimensionality reduction onto a backbone formed by a milestone network. Optionally, a cell grouping can be given which will restrict the edges on which a cell can be projected.


Multifurcating trajectory with end state probabilities


Constructs a linear trajectory using the pseudotime values of each cell.

add_trajectory is_wrapper_with_trajectory

Define a trajectory dataset given its milestone network and milestone percentages or progressions

wrap_data is_data_wrapper

A data wrapper for datasets and trajectories