dynwrap :: Adapting a trajectory model

Methods to adapt a trajectory

add_cell_waypoints is_wrapper_with_waypoint_cells

Add cell waypoints to a wrapped trajectory

add_dimred is_wrapper_with_dimred get_dimred

Add or create a dimensionality reduction

add_expression is_wrapper_with_expression get_expression

Add count and normalised expression values to a dataset

add_grouping is_wrapper_with_grouping get_grouping

Add a cell grouping to a dataset

add_root add_root_using_expression is_rooted

Root the trajectory


Add information on overall differentially expressed features

add_timings is_wrapper_with_timings add_timing_checkpoint

Add timings checkpoints

add_waypoints is_wrapper_with_waypoints select_waypoints

Add or create waypoints to a trajectory


"Gather" cells to their closest milestones

label_milestones label_milestones_markers is_wrapper_with_milestone_labelling get_milestone_labelling

Label milestones either manually (label_milestones) or using marker genes (label_milestones_markers)


Simplify a trajectory by removing transient milestones