Select the waypoint cells

Waypoint cells are cells spread across all of the trajectory such that there is no other cell that has a large geodesic distance to any of the waypoint cells.

select_waypoint_cells(milestone_ids, milestone_network,
  milestone_percentages, progressions, divergence_regions,
  num_cells_selected = 100)



The ids of the milestones in the trajectory. Type: Character vector.


The network of the milestones. Type: Data frame(from = character, to = character, length = numeric, directed = logical).


A data frame specifying what percentage milestone each cell consists of. Type: Data frame(cell_id = character, milestone_id = character, percentage = numeric).


Specifies the progression of a cell along a transition in the milestone_network. Type: Data frame(cell_id = character, from = character, to = character, percentage = numeric).


A data frame specifying the divergence regions between milestones (e.g. a bifurcation). Type: Data frame(divergence_id = character, milestone_id = character, is_start = logical).


About the number of cells selected as waypoints