Will generate a trajectory using STEMNET.

This method was wrapped inside a container. The original code of this method is available here.

ti_stemnet(alpha = 0.1, lambda_auto = TRUE, lambda = 0.1,
  force = FALSE)



The elastic net mixing parameter of the ‘glmnet’ classifier. Domain: e^U(-6.91, 2.30). Default: 0.1. Format: numeric.


Whether to select the lambda by cross-validation. Default: TRUE. Format: logical.


The lambda penalty of GLM. Domain: e^U(-3.00, 0.00). Default: 0.1. Format: numeric.


Do not use! This is a parameter to force STEMNET to run on benchmark datasets where not enough end groups are present. Default: FALSE. Format: logical.


A TI method wrapper to be used together with infer_trajectory


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